Spring Discourse, 2022 – Dr Eamon Phoenix


The Irish Legal History Society is proud to announce that Dr Eamon Phoenix will deliver the Spring Discourse for 2022.

Dr Phoenix will address the career of Sir Denis Henry (1864-1925): Barrister, Catholic Unionist Politician & First Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland

The address will take place at 6pm on Friday 11 March 2022. It will be held ‘in person’ at Clifton House, Belfast.


Members and non-members are most welcome, but registration is essential. Register by click on this link




The Spring 2022 Discourse was given by Dr Eamon Phoenix. He gave a fascinating lecture on Sir Denis Henry, the first Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland. On behalf of the society, Dr David Capper gave thanks to Dr Phoenix.




The spring meeting of the Irish Legal History Society (ILHS) was held in Clifton House, Belfast, on 11 March. Clifton House is the home of the Belfast Charitable Society (founded 1752). To mark the occasion, ILHS Council member Felix Larkin presented a copy of the official history of Dublin’s Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers Society to Sir Ronnie Weatherup, President of the Belfast Charitable Society. Felix is a former chair of the Roomkeepers Society (founded 1790). In return, Sir Ronnie presented Felix with a copy of the official history of the Belfast Charitable Society. The two societies are the oldest charities in Belfast and Dublin respectively. This photo shows Sir Ronnie Weatherup (left) and Felix Larkin (right) with John Gordon, ILHS President.